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Alabama History Series


The Alabama History series at FTRU has several goals for students who participate in this series. It seeks to help students understand the contributions of Alabama to the larger United State such as aerospace, political significance, Native American preservation and industry to name a few. This series also aims to promote state pride and awareness. Lastly, it is hoped that students attending these trips understand the history of Alabama as a whole, while also understanding the unique personalities and contributions of its’ individual communities.

Basics Series


This series is being offered as an initiative to help our older students gain basic skills that they will need in real life! As room permits, younger students interested in attending will also be able to reserve spots.

Birmingham History Series


The first series to be announced at FTRU was the Birmingham History series in 2013. From the beginning it became clear in conversation that many locals were “transplants” to the area and didn’t know much of Birmingham history at all, including the administrator! Field Trips R Us sought to educate its’ local participants with field trips focused on Birmingham history with a special series. Field trips include outings focused on Birmingham’s significant role in the iron industry, civil rights history and business in banking and healthcare for which she is known today. Field Trips R Us is blessed to call the “Magic City” its’ home! The story of Birmingham, Alabama is a fascinating one and one that the administrator is passionate to share.

“Classroom” Series

We homeschoolers know that the world is our classroom! Indoors or out, learning can take place anywhere! Our “Classroom” series provides FTRU participants with one-day or longer classes in a variety of fun and engaging topics.

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College & Career Series


What better way to scope out interest in a future career than going to tour with those already in the field? This series offers FTRU guests the opportunity to experience various careers up close and personal as well tour college campuses together! This series is especially popular with our teens!

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Cultural Series


The Cultural Series at FTRU aims to promote cultural understanding by offering to tour houses of worship for various religions and attend festivals which promote individual cultures. Past field trips in this series have included Greek festivals, Hispanic Heritage festivals, Russian Orthodox festivals and visiting houses of worship such as Alabama’s only Sikh temple.

Get-Away Series


Sometimes you just need to get away for a few days! Our Get-Away series ensures we schedule some R & R for our families, regardless of the schooling choice we utilize for our kiddos. All are welcome while we enjoy some good ‘ol fashioned fellowship.

Health & Wellness Series

New for 2019! Our Health & Wellness Series will focus on tours, presentations and excusrsions focusing on health of body, mind and spirit! As our society begins to appreciate health as it pertains to quality of life and productivity in both young and old alike, we too will create a space to commit to learning more about health & wellness!

National Parks Series

Onsite learning is what Field Trips R Us is all about! Come journey with us as we discover what President Woodrow Wilson signed into exsistence in 1916 as a new federal bureau to protect national parks and monuments!

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Nature Series


“Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the stars and the mountains above. Let them look at the waters and the trees and flowers on Earth. Then they will begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.” – David Polis


Our new Nature Series helps students getaway from the screens and get back to nature! Let’s allow dirt and fresh air to be our teacher for the day! Join us on our next Nature Series field trip where we will listen to tour guides as they take us through caves, canyons, rivers, creek, valleys, mountains, gardens, state parks and anything else that pops up outdoors in nature! Pack your walking shoes & sunglasses and join us for this “refreshing” series soon!

Neighborhood Series


Remember when ‘Mr. Rogers’ would let us viewers tag along to tour local neighborhood resources via his television program when we were kids? Today FTRU gives area students a similar opportunity only in person! Here we will tour local resources and promote a sense of community while making new friends along the way!

Parents Only! Series


Outings for Parents Only? Why, yes! Here we will offer Date Nights, Mom’s Night Out, and Get-Aways for anyone 19+!

Passport Series


While there is so much to learn from local field trips, the Passport Series gives students an opportunity to travel and begin learning how things work outside of the U.S. With an emphasis on exposure, the goal of the Passport Series is multi-faceted. These goals include wishing to whet the appetite for travel, help students appreciate the luxuries of residing in the United States and provide exposure & interest to other languages. It is also the goal of the Passport Series to give students exposure to other forms of currency, geography and culture. FTRU believes these opportunities help provide society with more independent, humble & serving individuals who understand the concept of global community. Passports are not generally required for our cruises, but FTRU always recommends having them in case of emergencies whereas participants need to return home before the trip is complete. Our Passport Series is sponsored by Memories Await Travel located in Birmingham, AL. Their office number is 205-908-8332. Their travel site is in redesign at this time, but the website address is .

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Performance Series


Our Performance Series serves as an outlet where FTRU can plug in performance-based field trips. These field trips include outings to state Broadway and ballet performances, symphony or choral performances, and any touring performance companies traveling Alabama. It is our desire that the Performance Series exposes students to social settings they may not participate in on their own and help students understand the importance and role that the arts play in society. By offering this series, FTRU also hopes to create an appreciation for the arts within its students wherein they will continue to promote the art culture in their own communities in the future.

Safety “U” Series

Safety “U” (University) is all about equipping students, alongside their parents, in culturally relevant topics. “It takes a village” to raise students today and FTRU is committed to the development of the whole student by equipping them and their parents with knowledge & confidence to navigate today’s sometimes sneaky and covert dangers.

Service Series


Our former Homeschool Service Ambassadors club has now merged as a series of new field trip offerings at FTRU! Every student who participates in these field trips will receive email confirmation for participation which parents can use to validate service hours on a student’s transcripts if so desired. This series is for all ages, but some field trips may have age restrictions due to individual organization policy. Most field trips in this series will be offered on Saturdays. The focus of this series aims to teach students to view their surroundings through selfless lenses.

STEM Series


The new FTRU “STEM” series seeks to provide field trips based on the STEM acronym as designated by the National Science Foundation, a U.S. government agency. These include field trip opportunities with a science, technology, engineering and mathematics focus.