The Beginnings


Once upon a time, there was a homeschool mom who wished to take her two kids to a local museum. Despite the museum admission being free, it was only open to tour groups. Since mom and her two kids only totaled three, access to the museum was temporarily unavailable. Since no personal friends were able to help assist by tagging along, an idea was born. Build a free, public resource that advertised field trips to other interested parties and tour together as a group. Field Trips R Us Homeschooling officially launched on Facebook on Feb 12, 2013 and was geared to be a resource that traveled as a group instead of a group with membership.

Business Model


The FTRU resource has always strived to be the perfect blend of flexibility backed the power of a group with an administrator. The vision was for FTRU to be flexible enough for anyone who wished to participate but committed enough administratively to enter long-term relationships with venues and suppliers. Not only has FTRU been able to consistently serve both participants and venues since 2013, the year 2016 found FTRU itself evolving even further.


Travel Agency Services

In the Spring of 2016, FTRU became qualified by the travel industry to offer travel agency services to anyone needing them. This included the FTRU group, any individual party affiliated or unaffiliated with FTRU, and even other groups using their own name such as scout, school, senior citizen, church groups, etc. FTRU also now takes reservations from public and private schooled students for FTRU events in addition to homeschoolers. Field Trips R Us Homeschooling long recognizes the continuing evolution of education in the United States. The motto at FTRU is “All Kinds of Field Trips for All Kinds of Kids!”


Embracing the Brand

Armed with travel agency qualifications, industry continuing education, a heart for inclusive ministry and a long-standing name, Field Trips R Us Homeschooling continues to bring venues and families together. The start of their five year anniversary in 2018 brings a website, logo and recognition of their official brand.

The Future

When individual families who understand the need for educational experiences outside of the classroom partner with field trip organizations such as FTRU, the population segment becomes better represented and more organized to venues and suppliers. A call to action begins to take place bringing opportunities for growth for all parties.


Full Circle

Happy to report by the time FTRU got back around to the museum field trip that started the idea in the first place, there was a long wait list and some participating families drove several hundred miles to attend. Working together as a group has proven successful for Field Trips R Us, who share its’ success with its’ participants that make it possible. If you would like to submit an idea for a field trip in the Southeastern United States or a lengthier national field trip, we would love to hear from you at clarissa@fieldtripsrushomeschooling.com!