Q & A

What is FTRU?

Field Trips R Us Homeschooling is a field trip resource. We are not a membership group, a “cover school”, co-op, or support group.


Do you offer local field trips or national field trips?

We offer both. We do everything under the Field Trips R Us Homeschooling name.


Are you franchised?

No, FTRU is not franchised. However, our travel services are provided through a LOCAL franchised model travel agency.


How does FTRU work?

1. We gather participants together to form a “group” every time we offer a field trip.

2. We announce a trip both on our Facebook page and in our email newsletter.

3. We take signups based on a first come, first served basis. Each field trip will have payment instructions if a payment is needed as well as instructions on how to sign up.

4. We communicate with each trip’s sign-up roster by email and send confirmation that reservation was received.


How do I join?

There really isn’t anything to “join.” Follow us on social, make sure you receive our notifications by adjusting your Facebook settings, and sign up to receive our newsletter at www.fieldtripsrushomeschooling.com on the home page.


How much does it cost to participate?

Participation in FTRU is free. We charge what a field trip costs and do not mark up field trips.


How is FTRU funded?

FTRU is funded by commissions paid out by the travel industry to our admin, Clarissa Winchester. Since she is an authorized travel professional, she is able to book travel experiences for FTRU, individuals and groups of all kinds. ALL of her commissions earned through her travel credentials are donated to FTRU to keep the resource free for its’ fans.


Are public and private school families allowed to participate?

YES! We even encourage aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends to participate as well!


What is the mission statement of FTRU?

Our mission statement is to “Promote learning as a lifestyle for the benefit of all.”


Does every student require a chaperone on your field trips?

Yes, however, we only require one chaperone per family.


How can I support FTRU?

You can support FTRU by:

  • Attending our events
  • Utilizing FTRU to book your personal vacations
  • Subscribing to our newsletter
  • Encouraging your friends and family to book their vacations through Clarissa Winchester (FTRU admin) at clarissa.winchester@cruiseplanners.com
  • Follow us on Social Media
  • Share our resource on your Social Media


Why does FTRU need my support?

FTRU needs your support because when the Homeschool Community fails to organize, opportunities from the business sector “dry” up for all of us. Everyone wants to work smarter not harder and businesses & vendors are no exception. They look to work with organized sectors of the population.  We are all guilty of assuming opportunities that are available today will be available to us tomorrow. The truth is no one is promised tomorrow and even the Notre Dame can go up in flames. We covet your support and appreciate it today so we can be around for the next generation of families and students! We chuckle at how far we have come in 6 and half years. In our early years, we worked to convince our fans that we were professional & capable. These days we are often told at homeschool fairs that we run SO well no one ever assumes we still rely on their support. We are still a locally run “ministry” with mom & pop roots even though we do big things. We are you, but with the connections.


Where can I follow FTRU on Social Media?


How can FTRU support me?

FTRU can support your family by offering lots of educational field trips without membership costs or commitment outside of the field trips you have signed up for!


What is the travel agency affiliated with FTRU?

Our travel credentials are provided through our association with Cruise Planners, (CP Franchising, LLC), an American Express Company. We are independent contractors through a LOCAL CP Franchise and participate in continuing education online, locally and nationwide.

You can visit our agency website here: www.cruiseplannersetc.com

and visit our admin’s Travel Blog here: www.memoriesawait.com   (Update coming!)


How is FTRU different from other local & national field trip organizations I’ve located on the web?

We get it, often times things look similar online. However many times upon taking a closer look,  you find peace of mind in the details. We pride ourselves in 3 areas where our value shines best:

1. Experience in homeschooling

2. Experience in business

3. Experience in travel

Our homeschool experience includes co-op teaching, field trip hosting, event planning, legal considerations and being cheerleader to lots of kids! We have been homeschooling more than two decades thus far!


We have seen homeschooling evolve not just in our home state of Alabama, but as a movement throughout the country. We frequent homeschool fairs often and meet you in person. We truly have our “finger on the pulse” of today’s modern family. We have young adults at home and younger ones too. We understand there are classic components of homeschooling that folks want to keep such as flexibility, learning in person and learning together. However, we understand that homeschoolers are also a growing consumer base with lots of options in regards to everything homeschooling related. Are we “Just Field Trips?” Yeah, but we work hard to provide your family with a professionally handled, quality field trip whether it’s local or travel related. We have high standards and both goals of exceeding your expectations and earning your support. Think of us as “Homeschool Field Trip Lobbyists.” We can do a lot for the homeschool community, but only with your support. When we grow, the voice of the homeschool community grows.


In addition to our 20 years experience in homeschooling, we also have a plethora of business and travel experience that we bring to the table. This is noteworthy because we plan our itineraries as homeschool parents, not tourists. We do not utilize tour operators who give us cookie cutter schedules. We plan them with late nights over coffee and oftentimes visit the destinations, perform ship inspections and scout out hotels before we ever offer them to you. We train in the travel industry daily with actual travel, in-person meetings with the vendors, conference calls, webinars, etc! We are not authorized to sell travel through a pyramid scheme business model that pays us to recruit you to become “travel consultants”.  We also do not use tour operators who mark up the cost of a trip so that any of us can travel for free in exchange for us aggressively recruiting you. We work for you, the homeschool community, NOT the vendors and not for ourselves. We also do not just sell tickets and encourage everyone to jump in our trips for the discount alone and provide an impersonal travel experience. When guests travel with us, you are just that, guests! We host every field trip with a personal AND professional touch. We don’t use you for a discount. We are your homeschool admin host and your travel advisor should there be any hiccups along the way. While some of these points seem silly, these options are out there and we note them to bring our participants peace of mind that one is always in good hands at Field Trips R Us Homeschooling!